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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Progressive Moving, For the Win!

Okay, so I'm posting way early, as a matter of fact, Thursday just started twenty-five minutes ago but I am so excited I can't hardly hold it in.

I was searching online since, well, I have nothing better to do at night and decided that I was going to throw caution to the wind and find myself something to do during the week nights. I flipped through all sorts of clubs then was bowled over by a Japanese club at the University of Kentucky. So I e-mailed the president of the club to ask if I could join even if I didn't go to UK and he was totally enthused at the thought of a new memeber. So guess who's the newest member of JCIKS?!

I am! Sooo excited, they do things like festivals and go to resturants and have t-shirts and everything (Lots more but my brain is too revved to think). I cannot tell you how much I am loving this. The only slight hitch is that they meet on Thursdays every other week for right now at 7:30pm, but I have to bowl for my mother in her work league then. There'll just have to be a compromise.

But wait, it gets better and when I mean better, I mean orgasmically so.

Even though I found the club of my dreams in JCIKS I found something even more exciting and that will take my weightloss wants to a whole new level...a Kendo-bu club!!!

Okay must remain calm...okay...the entire club is made up of actual japanese people (mostly guys) with a few females on the side lines and only one white guy. I am so fucking excited to be taught Kendo which is on Mon, Tues, and Fri with occasional Sat. from 8-10pm by actual certified instructors!

The greatest part is, the Kendo club is absolutely free and they have equipment for me to borrow!

Oh man, I am nearly bouncing off my bed in excitement, Friday cannot come fast enough which by then I'll be nervous as hell but still excited. XD!!!~

Now time to get back to my movie so I can finish it, go to sleep to wake up for more job hunting and get enough rest to bowl well tomorrow.

Fucking god...if I can even sleep. ^_____^


  1. You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now!
    I was just crying today because I was watching videos of Japan and people speaking Japanese. It's been a very long time since my chest ached so much out of yearning. Not since my unrequited love of many'a years ago. :\
    But, I'm happy for you. :)
    We just need to figure out when we can get together again...I miss you terribly.

  2. Nee-chan...
    I miss you too, I'll be coming down there as soon as I get some gas money from one of the many jobs I am trying to pick up.
    You should move to the land of fried chicken! Then I wouldn't be so lonely!

  3. Fried chicken cooked in PEANUT OIL!!! :P

    I want snow, damn it.