Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach-Day Two: Swimming and Swimming and More Swimming...

I woke up at 6am as my alarm went off for an hour before that.

I walk out onto the deck where my mother, Jill and Camille are and am once again overtaken by the beauty of the beach.

Booyah bitches, I managed to see the sunrise without staying up all night.

How is that for dedication?

Ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast with organic milk that Jill bought. Apparently everyone thought it tasted really good but me, I thought it tasted weird because it was in a carton. I'm not used to that...but oh well.

Two hours later the kids all eventually woke up and I decided that I was going to go down to the pool for a swim/laying out in the water and tanning thing.

Mom had already put sunscreen on me...

12 hours later with a few 10-30-min breaks in between I got out of the pool, ate dinner. Saw the amazing moon and then came downstairs to my room where I have the fan going on fully blast and am trying to talk to Keith but can't seem to be awake enough for that.

My hands and arms are burnt, typing hurts, but I told myself that I needed to write in this every day and so that's what I'm going to do.

I guess I'm going to bed now, since I've typed the rest of this with my eyes closed and nothing else going on except for the occasional clicking by Keith as he looks through something or is playing a game or something.

Tired now.

More tomorrow.

Beach-Day One: The Trip and the House.

The ride down was hot and humid.

Mom and I rode in the SUV, loaded down with luggage, beach chairs, camera's laptops, just...everything and we absolutely had a ball.

Music blasting and four hours later with four stops (for those who actually have the ability to pee in public restrooms) we made it to Emerald Isle and to the beach house.

I walked in and was absolutely speechless.

I mean...holy god.

Fucking hell this place is amazing.


So amazing.

I mean, words just can't describe.

Five bedrooms, eight beds, kitchen, dinning room, living room, four bathrooms, wrap around deck, pool table with pinball machine in a bar like room, and the house has it's own elevator...

Not to mention the view sitting in the living room with a wall full of basically nothing but windows is all beach and ocean...all...nothing else. Just miles and miles and miles of open water.


Did I mention we have our own pool?

Kiss my ass, we're never leaving...


The first day we went swimming in the pool until sunset, then we sat on the beach for an hour or so, ate dinner then was treated to the view of the full moon on the ocean.

Oh, who's we?

Jill who is Mom's older best friend, she's 60. Her daughter Camille who is 40, and her three kids, Julie who is 11, and the twins Lee and Kelly (named after my mother) who are 8. Then of course my mother and I.

Time to eat breakfast now. At the table, overlooking the damn ocean.

It's fucking great.