Thursday, March 25, 2010

Work Day Blues

I have to be at work in about an hour...and I so don't want to go.

I don't know why I don't want to go. That's the worst's not like I hate the place, it's not like I mind the work, it's not like I do a whole hell of a lot down in lumber after five.

I wonder what it is then...

Well, whatever it is, it's annoying the piss out of me, and I don't like it!

Hopefully I won't be as emotionally wrecked today either...

Yesterday was special....bad special...

Let's not have a repeat, shall we?

Friday, March 19, 2010


So we're sitting outside.

It's been a really nice day and I actually got up before noon for once!

Zack called be around 9am and I talked to him for an hour then I called Kayla and talked to her for an hour then I sat outside and hung out in the sunlight with the dog for about an hour.

Maybe I got a bit of a tan...

I also wanted to make a cake, so I spent a half an hour on the phone with Sage as I tried to find a decent lemon cake recipe and ended up settling on a lemon pound cake. So two hours of stress and baking later I ended up with a perfectly pretty looking lemon pound cake!

Haven't had any yet....

After all of that baking and cleaning I don't really want to have any.

I wonder if it's good...


Yes so, we went out to dinner, in which I had some catfish.


And some mac'n'cheese.

It was decent I guess but now we're here.


In the sunlight while mom practices with her camera, she's having a ball.

It's nice to see her smile and laugh and have a good time.

Kind of reminds me of being in Greensboro right now...

Well, I suppose I will go now and finish the latest chapter of Which Way Is Up.

Ja ne.

Monday, March 15, 2010


So, I've been having fun yesterday and today updating, writing and creating new/old fanfiction and just looked at my readers list and was absolutely amazed. I have readers from the following places...O___O:

United States, Canada, France, Philippines, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Bahrain, India, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Romania, Netherlands, Pakistan, Taiwan, Jordan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Brunei Darussalam (Never even HEARD of that place before), Finland, Mexico, Argentina, Switzerland, and Brazil.

I mean...holy shit! So far today over 300 people have read my stories and so far this month 743 people have read them. This is so...inspiring I guess. I'm totally addicted to reviews so I guess if I can get a book published I'll have people sending me fan mail, maybe?

I don't know how that works, but I look forward to it!

Onward, to writing once again!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Yet Another 15 Minute Challenge!

Place:Yoga Class
Color: Ivory

The sound of shoes slapping on hard concrete did nothing to lessen her concentration as she breathed in and out deeply. Her center was good, her balance was excellent, and her inner peace was high on the scale of kick ass.

The sound grew louder and her eyebrows furrowed as she tried harder to zone out of this world and into the world of soft flowing water over smooth rocks, chirping crickets and a cool breeze that helped her next deep breath take her into yet another stage of self relaxation.

“Stop touching me!”

“I’m not touching you!”

Her eyebrow twitched as she lifted her arms above her head then back down to the floor, stretching out her back as she balanced on a rock above the wonderful stream.

“Mom, Mom, Mom…” The birds chirped and she clenched her jaw, focusing on the soft green of the plants around her and the blue skies above. “Mom, Mommy! Mommy, Mommy!”

“Don’t bug her you poophead!, she’s having ‘class!’”

“Shut-up you pink piggy! You can’t have class with just one person!”

“Mooom! He called me a piggy!”

“A PINK piggy!” The peaceful world suddenly was ripped away, along with her inner peace, her center and all of the patients she had built up as she went falling face first into the stream and landed down on the hardwood floor.

Water splashed her face and as she opened her eyes and looked up slowly their ivory colored dog stood above her, tongue hanging out as drool rolled off the end of it and dripped down onto her face.

“Urgh!” She jerked to sitting, looked over at her kids tangled in a heap of hair pulling and biting and wondered what she did to be cursed with such a morning.

“Ow! Owowowow! You bit me! Rabies! Mad cow! H1N1!!” Her son cried as he scrambled away from his younger sister, clad in pink with blonde hair pulled back in pig tails. She grabbed onto his ankle and dragged him back with all of her might. “Mom! Mom help me!” He cried as he became her personal floor pillow.

She shook her head and stood, wiping her drool covered face on her tank top then looked out of the window at the snow falling.

“God, I wish you two had school.” She complained as she rolled up her yoga mat and smacked them over the heads with it.

How she hated snow days.

Another 15 Minute Challenge!

Place:Down town cafe

The rain ran down the glass slowly, making the picture of the city behind it blur in and out with the soft waves. It’s quiet patter louder than the roar of the ocean on a stormy day in the empty room surrounded by those glass windows. Dust covered the window benches, covered the tables, covered the amber orbs that hung from the ceiling that no longer gave light to the old café; that no longer gave life. The wooden floor was cracked and broken, the darkness of the holes beneath the splintered pieces gave little hope for the building to be anything other than what it was; condemned. Yet the city continued to run, lives continued on, and people still walked even on the rainy day. If time had stopped for the café that used to flourish and prosper with life, the smell of teas and coffees, of cakes and muffins, the sounds of quiet chatter and a tinkling laugh of a woman high off of happiness; then time had continued on as the bones of mice, starved, laid strewn across the kitchen counter.

No one cared, no one bothered to pause in their daily lives to wonder what had happened to that magical place, it has simply faded out. Disappeared into the shadows that were cast by the buildings that erupted around it. It was a loss, but one that no human had paused to consider.

15 Minute Challenge!

Place: Museum
Color: Green

She crouched down slowly, staring at it, green eyes to blue. What the hell was it? Reaching out to touch the strange creature a yard stick cracked down on top of her hand with a sound loud enough to echo through the domed room. She gasped and stood straight quickly, pulling the wounded hand to her chest and glared at her teacher.

“I understand you have trouble in school, but I was unaware you couldn’t read the “DO NOT TOUCH” sign.” She turned and watched the teacher gimp off after a stray group of students and she blew out a harsh breath, her bangs moving out of her eyes.

“You belong in a museum with that kind of sign around your neck, you wrinkly old fossil.” She grumbled and poked the creature quickly in spite before moving out of the hall and into the next exhibit.

The lights were dim and something reflected blue lights onto the walls making her feel like she was deep underwater. She shuddered as she moved to a large dark tank of murky water that stretched to the ceiling.

“Great, Loch-ness lives here?” She leaned and cupped her hands on the glass to block out the reflection of light and leaned her forehead against her hands, peering in. “I don’t see anything.” Muttering she stood on her toes and leaned a bit against the glass to look from a different angle.

“Maybe you’re not looking hard enough.” A low voice whispered in her ear and she gasped, jerking back as her heart leapt into her throat.

“God! You scared me to death you stupid creep!” She shifted her bag, swung and hit the boy doubled over in laughter hard enough to knock him over into the glass. “You shouldn’t sneak up on someone like that!” She hissed then looked quickly at the glass as a large crack appeared in the transparent surface. “Oh, oh hell. Oh god.” She backed up until she thumped her back against the far wall as more cracks split off from the first.

“Well, James, so nice to see you again! I must be going now!” She shrieked as the glass exploded and water poured out as she ran from the room and down a long hallway covered in paintings. “Must run faster, must run faster! Must run…oof!” She grunted as a large arm caught her around the waist and hauled her up off of the floor.

The End! XD

Monday, March 1, 2010

Of Course...

I feel sick.

Am I really such a person?