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Friday, March 19, 2010


So we're sitting outside.

It's been a really nice day and I actually got up before noon for once!

Zack called be around 9am and I talked to him for an hour then I called Kayla and talked to her for an hour then I sat outside and hung out in the sunlight with the dog for about an hour.

Maybe I got a bit of a tan...

I also wanted to make a cake, so I spent a half an hour on the phone with Sage as I tried to find a decent lemon cake recipe and ended up settling on a lemon pound cake. So two hours of stress and baking later I ended up with a perfectly pretty looking lemon pound cake!

Haven't had any yet....

After all of that baking and cleaning I don't really want to have any.

I wonder if it's good...


Yes so, we went out to dinner, in which I had some catfish.


And some mac'n'cheese.

It was decent I guess but now we're here.


In the sunlight while mom practices with her camera, she's having a ball.

It's nice to see her smile and laugh and have a good time.

Kind of reminds me of being in Greensboro right now...

Well, I suppose I will go now and finish the latest chapter of Which Way Is Up.

Ja ne.

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