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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another 15 Minute Challenge!

Place:Down town cafe

The rain ran down the glass slowly, making the picture of the city behind it blur in and out with the soft waves. It’s quiet patter louder than the roar of the ocean on a stormy day in the empty room surrounded by those glass windows. Dust covered the window benches, covered the tables, covered the amber orbs that hung from the ceiling that no longer gave light to the old café; that no longer gave life. The wooden floor was cracked and broken, the darkness of the holes beneath the splintered pieces gave little hope for the building to be anything other than what it was; condemned. Yet the city continued to run, lives continued on, and people still walked even on the rainy day. If time had stopped for the café that used to flourish and prosper with life, the smell of teas and coffees, of cakes and muffins, the sounds of quiet chatter and a tinkling laugh of a woman high off of happiness; then time had continued on as the bones of mice, starved, laid strewn across the kitchen counter.

No one cared, no one bothered to pause in their daily lives to wonder what had happened to that magical place, it has simply faded out. Disappeared into the shadows that were cast by the buildings that erupted around it. It was a loss, but one that no human had paused to consider.

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