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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Yet Another 15 Minute Challenge!

Place:Yoga Class
Color: Ivory

The sound of shoes slapping on hard concrete did nothing to lessen her concentration as she breathed in and out deeply. Her center was good, her balance was excellent, and her inner peace was high on the scale of kick ass.

The sound grew louder and her eyebrows furrowed as she tried harder to zone out of this world and into the world of soft flowing water over smooth rocks, chirping crickets and a cool breeze that helped her next deep breath take her into yet another stage of self relaxation.

“Stop touching me!”

“I’m not touching you!”

Her eyebrow twitched as she lifted her arms above her head then back down to the floor, stretching out her back as she balanced on a rock above the wonderful stream.

“Mom, Mom, Mom…” The birds chirped and she clenched her jaw, focusing on the soft green of the plants around her and the blue skies above. “Mom, Mommy! Mommy, Mommy!”

“Don’t bug her you poophead!, she’s having ‘class!’”

“Shut-up you pink piggy! You can’t have class with just one person!”

“Mooom! He called me a piggy!”

“A PINK piggy!” The peaceful world suddenly was ripped away, along with her inner peace, her center and all of the patients she had built up as she went falling face first into the stream and landed down on the hardwood floor.

Water splashed her face and as she opened her eyes and looked up slowly their ivory colored dog stood above her, tongue hanging out as drool rolled off the end of it and dripped down onto her face.

“Urgh!” She jerked to sitting, looked over at her kids tangled in a heap of hair pulling and biting and wondered what she did to be cursed with such a morning.

“Ow! Owowowow! You bit me! Rabies! Mad cow! H1N1!!” Her son cried as he scrambled away from his younger sister, clad in pink with blonde hair pulled back in pig tails. She grabbed onto his ankle and dragged him back with all of her might. “Mom! Mom help me!” He cried as he became her personal floor pillow.

She shook her head and stood, wiping her drool covered face on her tank top then looked out of the window at the snow falling.

“God, I wish you two had school.” She complained as she rolled up her yoga mat and smacked them over the heads with it.

How she hated snow days.

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