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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

15 Minute Challenge!

Place: Museum
Color: Green

She crouched down slowly, staring at it, green eyes to blue. What the hell was it? Reaching out to touch the strange creature a yard stick cracked down on top of her hand with a sound loud enough to echo through the domed room. She gasped and stood straight quickly, pulling the wounded hand to her chest and glared at her teacher.

“I understand you have trouble in school, but I was unaware you couldn’t read the “DO NOT TOUCH” sign.” She turned and watched the teacher gimp off after a stray group of students and she blew out a harsh breath, her bangs moving out of her eyes.

“You belong in a museum with that kind of sign around your neck, you wrinkly old fossil.” She grumbled and poked the creature quickly in spite before moving out of the hall and into the next exhibit.

The lights were dim and something reflected blue lights onto the walls making her feel like she was deep underwater. She shuddered as she moved to a large dark tank of murky water that stretched to the ceiling.

“Great, Loch-ness lives here?” She leaned and cupped her hands on the glass to block out the reflection of light and leaned her forehead against her hands, peering in. “I don’t see anything.” Muttering she stood on her toes and leaned a bit against the glass to look from a different angle.

“Maybe you’re not looking hard enough.” A low voice whispered in her ear and she gasped, jerking back as her heart leapt into her throat.

“God! You scared me to death you stupid creep!” She shifted her bag, swung and hit the boy doubled over in laughter hard enough to knock him over into the glass. “You shouldn’t sneak up on someone like that!” She hissed then looked quickly at the glass as a large crack appeared in the transparent surface. “Oh, oh hell. Oh god.” She backed up until she thumped her back against the far wall as more cracks split off from the first.

“Well, James, so nice to see you again! I must be going now!” She shrieked as the glass exploded and water poured out as she ran from the room and down a long hallway covered in paintings. “Must run faster, must run faster! Must run…oof!” She grunted as a large arm caught her around the waist and hauled her up off of the floor.

The End! XD

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