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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh For Fucks Sake...

I slept wonderfully last night, just swimmingly, even after being so excited about joining those clubs and when I woke up in the morning I wanted to claw out my throat. Every time I swallowed a burning path of christ knows what twinged so horribly I wanted to cry. I hate having a sore throat, abso-fucking-lutely loathe it with all of my being.

The kicker is, I know I'm sick even though I spent half the day trying to convince my father it was just allergies and I know tomorrow I'll feel worse, and tomorrow I was supposed to go to Kendo-bu for the first time. Now I can't see that happening considering I don't want to give any new possible friends the shit I've somehow contracted and it's only supposed to be 18 degrees out and I can't afford to get anything that will make me have to go to the doctor since I have no insurance.

This just sucks...

Two posts in one day, that makes me feel kind of...loser-ish, then again being sick makes me feel all sorts of horrible things.

If anything can kick my ass, a sore throat and leaky nostrils can with the help of chills and I pray to god not the fever that's crawling along my skin.

Fuck a duck and kiss my ass you miserable piece of shit that is evading my immune system.

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