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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hacking Up Lungs...Mm...Cream Puffs.

Today I woke up scaring myself to death when a cough suddenly racked my body like I was being shaken. I sat up in bed, looked around my room while rubbing a hand over my chest, spooked.

I wonder what I was dreaming

I spent the day out with Mom, Uncle John, his woman Scottie (Who I really hope he marries) and Scottie's adopted daughter Lauren who is seven. We had a good time, well, sort of, as Uncle John hit Dick's Sporting Goods we stayed there for over an hour while he checked out golf clubs that are waaaay too expensive for something that feels like if you bashed it into someone's head it would break. We then went out to eat dindin at an italian place which was very, very good.

After stuffing our faces (for once I didn't eat too much) we then went across the street to a McDonalds Play Place for Lauren who wanted to climb around the tubes and slide on the nifty looking slides. We were actually there for nearly two hours, which wasn't horrible. I had a good time watching her play and listening to my uncle talk about work (he's a second grade teacher).

As we went home I noted that my medicine was starting to wear off, and my mood was going with it, so as soon as I popped into the down I downed what medicine I could and started making cream puffs for Scottie since she likes them.

Now I'm sitting here, at the kitchen table, debating on whether or not I should off myself because I have cramps, my nose keeps running, my right eyeball is watering unnaturally and if I cough one more time my head is going to roll off my shoulders and hit the floor with a rather nasty *splat* sound.

So, I said I would post pictures, I lied since that would involve duking it out with my still very irritatingly broken laptop and it's fucked up power cord once again.

(Of course, I felt too horrible to go to Kendo-bu and feel sick just thinking about missing out on it. But I will definately be going on Monday!)

I have nothing else new to report, except for the odd and irritating feeling like I'm forgetting something, or something's missing, or something's wrong. Don't you hate that?

NaiNai, sweet dweams and awl that jazzums.

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