Monday, January 12, 2009

Bend it Like Beckham...

As if the world was coming to some sort of catastrophic ending my day was winding down around 1:30 this after noon with a nuclear bomb, a-class, headache.

...I've been getting those a lot lately.

The day, as it were (my day) started at 6 o'clock this morning or sometime around then when my mother opened my door and so very graciously flipped on the over head light, blinding me for the rest of my natural life.

Okay, so it wasn't that bad, but at the time I felt as if some evil little pixie had dropped miniature boulders onto my eyeballs that wouldn't roll anywhere, they just stuck like a spork in a bowl of jello. Must I mention, not even the good kind of jello, it was all bad.

I rolled out of bed, choked down breakfast (everyone knows it's un-natural to eat before the sun rises, unless you've been up all night) that consisted of cheese grits, cheese eggs, a glass of milk and a slice of toast with grape jelly. Normally this breakfast would appeal to me, today it just made my stomach roll with uncomfortable motions that reminded me that maybe I should really stop stuffing my face as if someone was behind my trying to take it from me.

Breakfast ended on a low note, that being me hitting the bed once again when my mother informed me that it was silly to wake up at six anyway, that leaving the house by ten to look around for jobs is the best time to took me nearly thirty minutes to go back to sleep then before I knew it, my alarm was going off and my father was shouting up the stairs at me to make sure I was awake.

"Skeets," he yelled. "Are you up?"
"Yeah!" The standard, high school like answer was my reply. Everyone knows that means that I was still laying in bed, faking an awake voice with my eyes closed and my brain still stuck in a dreaming state.

I hit the snooze button until he called to me again, then I got up and got ready for the day ahead. Now usually, I can dress up for a job and look in the mirror and think "Hey, I'd hire this chick." Today though, even though I was wearing one of my best outfits it didn't seem like enough. Oh well, I'm sure it was just my imagination.

I left with the house key (that only seems to open the garage door) the garage door opener, my purse, a jacket (which I never used) and Mom's GPS, because it's Lexington, and I'd so get lost.

I went to the first place on my mind, KinderCare where I spent nearly and hour and a half filling out a never ending application and only had a two second interview with the head of the place. Which of course was a real shocker since the woman who filled out an application right before me ended up in the office for nearly thirty minutes. Oh yeah, I was really going to get that job...not.

I then moved on to various other places for a few hours, nothing popped with the exception of a part time employment at an Office Max.

Hey, I need money, I'll take it while I continue looking. But of course Dad's reaction was nothing but negative, of course...did I say of course? I need a job, beggars can't be choosers right now and money is money, no matter how you look at it.

Prostitution anyone?

So, onward tomorrow for yet another round of job hunting. Wish me better luck than I had today.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and Tuesday means something special on the post...oh don't you just love surprises?!

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