Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Day After and Fishing for Ice Storms.

So someone challenged me to take a picture the following morning, without makeup or brushing my hair or changing my clothes to see how I compair to the made up me...so, guard your eyes people, here you go.
TaaDaa! The non showered, non hairbrushed me with no makeup and a night shirt on that is way too big.
Okay, it's already three and I have accomplished absolutely nothing!
Dad wants me to get candles and stuff together because he seriously thinks we're going to lose power today because of this winter storm we're having. Granted, ice is sticking to everything but I very seriously doubt having a power outage because of it. I'll take some pictures with my camcam and post them...and whatever else I promised to post!
Onward...to the bat cave!
...or to completing that list...

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