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Friday, January 23, 2009

Day of Creation...

I need to be punished.

No, not the kinky punishment, but the grounded for life kind because I'm not writing like I should be. And what I do write isn't the thing that's going to be making me any money. I need help, a push...something. I tried to get my parents to help me out with that, but they're not so good at it. It's like, it needs to be homework or something...


I was going to write today, work on my book, I swear I was. Then I turned on Dad's computer, got online and was kicked off because of some fucked up service provider cancelled our service. So instead, I spent the day fixing the internet before Dad could come home and flip out on me.

Oh well, I doubt I'll write any tonight. Lazy as hell...

Kendo tomorrow! Finally I'll get to write about that!


  1. Write book reviews. Movie reviews. See if there is a local paper you could write a column for. ;3

  2. Nooo, I need to be working on my book! I need to be kicked in the ass for not writing my book!

  3. wtf? What book?

  4. Erm, just something I've been working on for a few years. Since last year of highschool I believe.