Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Books, Cream Soda, and Hump Day. Oh my...

Welcome to the Day of the Hump!

Today started off like any other. Dad woke me up around ten so I could call the bank and see if they got my application for which their reply was "If we got it, we'd call you if we're interested".

Gee, they're alot of help.

I then spent the entire day with Dad. We watched comedians, Tom and Jerry and some random movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Val Kilmer that we found un amusing and changed back to the comedians.

After eating lunch that consisted of these nummy little deli spirals we escaped from the confinment of the house and moved to the more open confinment of Barnes & Nobles where we remained from 2:30ish to 8:00 ish talking about his book, which I think is pretty cool, to my book, religion and a few mind blowing other things that I honestly didn't know my father could come up with.

We had a great time, and the time did fly and soon we were on our way back home after stopping in Taco Bell for some unhealthy dindin.

Mom was home already, watching TV, ignoring us pretty much because that's what happens when Mom watches TV so now Dad and I are hanging out, I on the lappie of Mom's and Dad digging through boxes of Kami knows what.

The only issue with today, is that now that I'm nearly completely over my cold, I have some sort of eye infection that feels like rocks in my eyeball everytime I blink and looks like I was either punched, or have pink eye. Which I know I don't have pink eye, Mom thinks it's an infected tear duct. Fucking A.

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