Friday, January 16, 2009

Day of the Living Ded...

So, today I was supposed to wake up, clean my room and help Mom get ready for the company we're having this weekend (consists of my Uncle John, his girl Scottie and her little girl Lauren), I get up at ten, let the dog out to pee, go pee myself then lay back down.

I get up at one, go into the other room, look up some stuff online for Mom and chat back and forth with her on e-mail for a bit.

I look at the clock, it's two-thirty. So I get up, get something to eat (healthy lunch consisting of left over cheese fries from the other night, who feels like a cow? I do!) then I get in the shower. An hour later I manage to drag myself out from under the hot water, get dressed and then Mom comes home and I haven't done ANYTHING to help with the house.

Luckily I got a good wind and helped her clean for a few hours, then just kind of zombied around after running out of steam like well, a zombie. We finished cleaning and she bought me a pepermint hotchocolate from starbucks and we went to a few stores to pick up some things, including drugs for me and my sick body I'm contained in.

Now I'm feeling better under the guise of many different drugs that probably shouldn't have been mixed and wondering if brains sounds good for dinner.

Hope I feel good enough to go to Kendo-bu tomorrow.

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