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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Day of Freedom, Oh What to Do?

Maybe I could follow the Under Ground Railroad out of here!

So, there's supposed to be this big winter storm everyone's talking about (outside of this house that is, which I haven't been, in four days now). I'm hoping that we do get the seven or so inches but by the way the sun is shining outside, we'll be lucky if we see clouds.


Well, it's could enough outside, that's for sure.

Now, what shall I do on my final day off? I don't have a whole lot of time before Dad gets home from work so, I think I might put on some loud music and start cleaning.

Erm...I better run and do that right this instant or I'll lose motivation!

So, bai!

P.S: This is my 100th post! Yaaaay!

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