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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The EverChanging Post!

Okay, this is a list of things I need to accomplish today! I'll write it all down here then mark it off as I go, altering the post each time!

(V )Clean Room
( )Set up Desk
( )Start Boards
(V)Journal Entry
(V)Separate Laundry
( )Purple Book
( )Find Yoga Videos/Music
( )Download Pictures
(V)Charge MP3 Player
(V)Organize MP3 Player

These are my things for tomorrow!
(V )Start Laundry
( )Thank You Cards
( )Clean Inside of Desk
( )Set up Notebook for New Story
( )Organize Bathroom
( )Purple Book
( )Drawing Book
( )Book Shopping
( )In depth Outline
( )Finish Anything from Day One
( )Yoga
(V)Change Calendar
( )Take Apart Old One

Organization is Key! Making it out here for everyone to see might be motivation for getting things done! Good Luck Myself!

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