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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


For some reason I decided to start looking up people I went to school with in high school.

This has led to some minor (MAJOR) problems with my self worth all of a sudden.

So, it first started when I saw a familiar name of Cameron Hodge. She was a girl I felt like I was pretty close to the first year of high school, I even stayed over at her house several times. When I clicked on Cammy's profile I noticed that the picture was that of a book.

A what...?

A book.

A fucking book?

She wrote a book?!

It's about how finding Jesus changed her life and her prospective of things.

But...she wrote a BOOK.


What have I done in my life worthwhile?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

To make matters worse, I went in search of Abigail Porter...found her brother Josh instead who I remember as a half naked kid running around her house when we were in high school. He's in Peru....


And he's hot, and he's worked at Disney and has done all of these adventurous things in his life and what have I done?


Kassie went to Japan. I can't even look at her pictures my heart hurts so much.

If I died right now, the things I have accomplished in my life will stack up to a piece of paper.

Fuck, I'm so upset I'm beside myself.

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