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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cooking Is Good...

...for stress. Unless you're trying to lose weight. Then cooking becomes a carb nightmare centered around the onigiri you made at three in the morning. Then consumed.

All of it.

Was I bored eating? Maybe I was depressed eating.

All I know is, is that I ate it and it was so good.

Now I regret it. I also regret sleeping all day. Again.

Today I've been trying my best to get myself out of the depressed funk, even watched an episode of Sailor Moon. That depressed me too and I don't even know why.

I kind of feel like I'm reverting back to the high school me again, always looking for that next escape out of reality. Depending on it too much.


Nut uh. I'm done with that shit, and I'm done being that girl.

I HAVE to do something different for myself.

The first start was turning off AIM. The next will be limiting myself to only a few hours of internet time a day. (Hey, that might seem like a lot but I'm going from like 16 hours to only a few...3 at max) But that isn't limiting me to how much I'm on my computer. Since, well...I need it to write.

I read that it takes somewhere like 60 days to form a habit. So Tomorrow is going to be my first of sixty days.

I plan on going to be by midnight at the latest. Waking up at seven every morning to eat breakfast and go on a walk with Sage then clean up the kitchen while he gets ready for work and make his lunch. Then I'll do some yoga, take a shower and write for 90 minutes minimum. No internet until after that is done. Then I'll have a snack (healthy), go for a walk and come back and do something creative (like work on Christmas cards or on the Halloween party idea that I have, better yet, plan my wedding that's in nearly a year!).

Try and blog, because already I feel better about things. Maybe watch a few episodes of something fun (Like my recent Card Captors Sakura addiction or Sailor Moon), make dinner, go for another walk, hang out with Sage then start it all over again the next day.

I hope I can stick by that. I think the going to be thing will be the hardest.

Speaking of cooking, I need to finish dinner.

Breathe deeply.

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