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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, I haven't written anything in a little while and I don't think I have anything important to write about now...well, not yet anyway.

I'm crossing my fingers for some things, and sitting on the edge of my seat for others but over all I'm mad because I have to work eight days in a row. At least I'll have a good check, which I need after overdrafting my account for a good two-hundred bucks. -cringe-

I haven't been up to much lately, just working and coming home talking to my pookie punkin peachy pie Sai and sleeping. I've been trying to write and finally started to again, which is a great thing I thought my love for writing had dried up! I haven't worked on a fanfiction or anything, just my book. I think that not working on writing other things, and reading books make me want to write my own stuff even more so I'm going to try that for a while.

Oh yeah, two interesting things happened today. One, my Dad was being goofy and trying to sneak up on me and he fell down our stairs. I instantly made him lay on the couch and made him take a motrin800. Poor fellow, he's going to be so sore tomorrow. The second thing is I was getting ready to leave work and I saw someone dragging these eight foot poles with these hooks on the end across the floor while trying to move a ladder. So me being the sweety that I am walked over to help and I picked up the bundle of poles. Unfortunately one of the poles wasn't attached to the others and swung down and caught me right across the cheek bone, so I'm sure I'm going to look like I was back handed tomorrow.

I'm going to tell them my pimp did it.

Now I'm sitting down, waiting for Sai and watching some show on UFO's with Dad who I don't know why he watches them because all he does is squirm in his chair and call it bullshit. And now he's bitching at the commercials. Dear god, the man needs a life...

So while I'm waiting, I suppose I'll try writing, if I can. I hope. Or maybe take a nap. A nap sounds nice. Mm...chocolate milk.

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