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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pop My Cherry!

Today is the first good Saturday at work I've ever had. It was full of fun, a small amount of drama that didn't last long, mfriends and I cutting up and the assistant store manager Jamie warming up to me. We also had Jamie as a closing manager which usually sucks in all capitals, but today we got out thirty minutes early! It was amazing!

I was in charge of lightbulbs. Now what this means is I have to front them (pull the boxes to the edge of the shelves) and pull the lightbulbs forward in their boxes. I've had to do this many times but there was this one lightbulb...this one stubborn little fucker who just wouldn't go into his box the right way. I tried for a good five minutes then got so frustrated I threw it to the back of the rack and had the heart warming satisfaction of hearing it fall between the racks and crash onto the floor sucessfully smashing it into a million pieces. Today, my cherry was popped, I broke my first lightbulb. Greg appluaded between holding his sides and laughing.

(If you're wondering who Greg is; he's my 'grandpa'. Everyone thinks I'm his prodical child.)

In other news, the sock theif known as Ritt has eaten all of the socks in the house and is now turning to shoes...

In other, other news I must now go through my toughest choice of the day; Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream, or Cheesecake Brownie Icecream.


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