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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For some reason on the way home, mid song my CD player in my car stopped working so I shrugged in a bit of frustration and flipped through radio channels. When nothing popped up that was interesting I hit the AM button and hit scan. Radio shows and static are what met me, then something interesting caught my attention. It was an educational discussion on the existence of alien life brought up because of half human/animal pictures on a cave wall from dear lord knows how many years ago. I listened for a minute, then wrote it off as something silly before flipping the channel again. When the scan button settled on the next available signal my ears were met with a high pitched noise of great annoyance then barely heard voices talking about the Mayan calendar. I sat in my car, in the dark for a good ten minutes, trying to hear what they were saying exactly then gave up and came inside.

Now I'm sitting here thinking of all of the logical reasons I can how the world isn't going to end in 2012 because I don't think I'm done living yet. Then I ran across this very interesting statement about the Mayan calendar.

"December 21, 2012 marks the end of the Long Count and Precession Cycle. A fascinating astronomical occurrence will take place that day. The sun will be seen in a conjunction with the crossing point of the galactic equator and the ecliptic which is referred by the Mayans as the Sacred Tree. Since this is due to take place on the winter solstice, this should provide clear evidence that the proper end day of the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012. Some say December 22,nd, 23rd or even other dates. However, the solstice was an important day to the Mayans and it is logical to think that they would conclude their calendar cycle on this day, coupled with the fact of the rare astronomical occurrence set to take place that day."

This statement interests me greatly...I'll have to look into the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world more closely.

...It's going to be a long, morbid and creepy night no doubt...


  1. I say that the REAL sign of the end of the world will be when Joan Rivers records a music CD...if she records one to be slated for release around the end of 2012, then batten down the hatches, because we are all fucked...

  2. Matthew says that that's just when the calendar ends. It began long before they existed and it stopped long after. That's how I avoid the creepy nights.