Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear God...I Need A Real Weekend... night last night was so very wasted! Instead of staying up like I always do I went to sleep at a "decent" hour as some people would call it...and to me, it was a waste of good nighttime! Fucking hell. I could have been writing, or cleaning, or something other than sleeping needlessly because I'm still tired even though I slept alot!

Bah! Anyway, I wrote that first paragraph hours's not really 1:25 am and I have to be up at six to get ready for work, but what am I doing instead? I'm having a heart melting last episode of Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and by heart melting I mean it made my chest throb the ending was so nice. Hn...I'm such a very hopeless romantic. I want to live in a fairy tale, or something along the lines of the things I read and watch, you'd think I'd grow out of that by now! Mou, for the love of cheese...

I figured out some things about myself which came out of no where and were surprising and true. I don't need a boyfriend right now no matter if the hottest guy in the world were to ask me out. That's because I'd be a terrible girlfriend because of many reasons. The main one is, is that I'm not happy with myself so very often, the way I look or act, or the lack of ability to make new friends or be confident about things and I think that gives me a very negative aura. So! I'm going to start working on making myself better in my own eyes so I can be happier with myself so I can reflect that to other people so I can finally get a boyfriend! Mwahaha, my plan is complete! Now for the action...

Did I mention the ending of that was so good? God, a good ending finally on something, something that made me wholly to sleep now.

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