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Monday, March 16, 2009

Endless loop...

Wake up, go to work, come home for lunch, deal with some sort of drama whether it be big or small and go back to work while trying to shake off the anxiety home caused. Go home from work after having a half a good day and a half bad day then start it aaaaaaaall over again after a useless night of whatever and a lack of sleep.

After tomorrow, two days off....YAY! ...only Dad is off the same two damn days. This'll be horrible. Good thing Pam and Beth offered for me to go out with them after they get off work on Wed so we'll see where that goes since I just got paid!

Beth wants to take me to a strip club...I turned red and laughed a bit hysterically then agreed. I'm sure it'll be an expierence...just, wow.

Did I mention I'm so tired of the 7am clock in time yet? No? Well I'm NOT A FUCKING MORNING PERSON YOU LOWE'S MORONS!


I'm in a strange mood, just kind of...blank I think. Apathic, or something. I can't tell if I like not really caring or not, works for other people though, why not for me as well?

Hope it lasts through work tomorrow.

Night time.


  1. Strip clubs now? Really? Who are you?!

    I'm actually kinda jealous... =P

  2. @Hitek

    Mwahaha, I have been taken control of by a body snatcher!