Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update...for some of you.

Just because I have yet to talk about it…I guess I’ll put it down since a lot of people still don’t know it happened.

What a morbid first post of the new month since I got lazy and skipped a whole one…oh well…

Dates aren’t important, they’re really not. Of course I’m saying this because I’m much to lazy to think back to dates, but a week ago…wow, it really was a week ago Mom and I went to the movies since I had the weekend off; we had a great time and I know it was Saturday, we saw two movies in a row Confessions of A Shopaholic and Push.

Wait, I don’t want to tell this story in full, so basically, very long story short. The next day Mom was sick, so sick I took her to the emergency room where after two very long days of waiting, and crying and watching my mother die we found out that she had Viral Encephalitis which kills 70% of people who contract it and don’t get meds within the first few days and which kills 30% of people who have had the meds. Then they think it’s the flu, it ended up being both…so after spending Sunday-Thursday with her at the hospital, not sleeping, smiling and taking care of her when she was awake and feeling like my chest was going to explode while I tried to stay sane, coherent and optimistic while she was sleeping, she got to go home, and is recovering nicely. I, on the other hand got to spend Sat/Sun throwing up my guts since she gave me her flu. Fun.

During which all of that, when my father wasn’t being a completely useless douche-bag because he can’t keep his head in a crisis, was biting off mine every five seconds because I was someone to take shit out on. This is after being an only child, not really having someone right there to cry to while taking care of my DYING mother and getting no sleep for 48 hours, then getting two hours of sleep the next day then maybe, MAYBE three the next if you add all of the cat naps together.

I sold my soul on top of it all. It just came out as I was walking out of Mom’s hospital room to call her boss on her worst day. I closed my eyes and tried to hold it together while thinking very clearly “I’ll give you my soul if you make her better.” Who knows who I was talking to, or where the thought even came from, I guess I was just that desperate.

But, aside from a few random anxiety attacks when I have to be away from her everything is fine now. She goes back to work full time next week, and life continues on as always.

And by everything being fine I mean, my car broke down, is now fixed, Dad’s truck has been broken down, that’s now fixed as well, I was late paying rent two months in a row back in Boone, Dad is a complete FUCKING BASTARD when he needs to be something much better for Mom’s sake and for mine (nothing new there) and I thought I loved my job and now I’m having second thoughts.

Self checkout, how I loathe you.

Now, for the good things. I got my first paycheck! Yaaaay~! It was $381.72 and all of it went to rent. XD. I opened a bank account here and when my first automatic check drops into it through Lowes I get $150 promotional free money! Yaaaay~! Today was sooo nice outside, and after I got off work I got to spend a little bit of time in the daylight and in the wind and that is always great, and I got an eggplant from work! It’s a plant in a ceramic egg. Too fucking cute, I had to get it!

I’m sure there’s more…but the fact that I really have to pee has me distracted.


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  1. fuck, katie...
    I'm glad your mom is doing better and not fucking dying...*trying to wrap her head around everything*
    please call me next time you have a life changing crisis or e-mail, whatever. I'd like to be there for you and stuff, ya know? stuff that friends do for each other.
    sweet paycheck, it's a shame it went to boone. :( me sometime