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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Traffic From Hell.

So here I sit; in the TV while Mom talks to my uncle Michael on Skype and here I wait; for my boyfriend to return home from work. I am currently excited to talk to him and have decided while I talk to him tonight I shall wrap my parents' presents in hopes that it'll keep me awake and perpetually happy and non irritated. I've been having a problem with being uber irritated and it's really...erm...irritating me. Alas, the reasoning I believe behind it is because I've been carrying a nasty virus that's been beating my immune system down to mush which has finally erupted into a nasty cough complete with green stuff from both nostrils and mouth (Oh I know, over share in the extreme) ((I also know I worded a part of that sentence strangely. I blame it on people talking in the background and disrupting my train of though)).

Today I got up, went with Mom to pick up her glasses, ate egg rolls at the movie theater while watching New Moon with Mom once again (Was very good by the way, both egg rolls and the movie), then we went to Barnes and Nobles so I could pick up Dad's other Christmas present, then went home to pee then back out again to go and get Scottie's (Uncle's girlfriend) her Christmas present and ended up buying me a knee length gray sweater that was way on sale and that I was in love with. We then went to the Mongolian Grill for dindin, followed by the grocery store and then home where I stuffed the rest of my left over dindin down my throat, hid Dad's other, other Christmas present (District 9) and came upstairs to see what was going on in the world of online.

Now here I sit...having typed out my day, and am waiting.

I think I'll go and play Guitar Hero.

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