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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long Lost Post From Internetless Days...

Well, here I am. In the car. In the backseat actually, testing out if I get car sick or not while typing on my laptop. The screen keeps bouncing, stop that.

Merry Christmas everyone, for a few hours still, well, while I'm typing this anyway. If I could keep my screen from bouncing this would be so much better. So far I'm not carsick, so far this is really fun actually. I can see that I'm annoying Dad and Mom told him to get over himself or something of the like. I could tell because of his face, not because I heard them because I can't. I have headphones in.

Did I mention this is fun? I wonder if I can work on writing a story while I'm in the car, we'll see. I'm not hopeful because it seems that while doing this in the car I'm easily distracted and not relaxed at all.

How has everyone's Christmas' been? Mine is nearly over...I say nearly because I won't be opening the presents my grandparents got me until tomorrow night when the rest of the family gets to the house.

Speaking of getting there, I think we'll get there in a few hours, two to be exact.

I'm feeling car sick now. Maybe I just won't look at the computer while I'm typing and that'll make things so much better.

Okay, this is a test at whether or not I need to look at the computer to type. How'd I do? Hm...

More later...

Day Two:

We got here safe and sound, but! There is no internet thanks to an ice storm they had on Christmas Eve. So, here I will continue to write things down until I can post them when we get back to Fucktucky. Erm...I mean Kenfucky.


You get the point...

Today I woke up to the very bright glare of the sun reflecting off of the foot of snow that covers our land. I looked out side and noticed that the reason it was glaring so much, is because there is an inch of ice covering all of the show. Makes for neat scenery, but it shitty for making a snowman. So scratching out the idea of making a snowman...oh well.

Tonight Granny-Anne and I will be making out great Christmas cookies, eating a wonderful Christmas dinner and opening our presents that we didn't get to open. My Uncle Michael, Uncle John's girlfriend Scottie and her little girl Lauren will be coming up for the festivities.

I'm not feeling so great, since after we got up this morning, had coffee in town and then came back I was helping Uncle John throw some seriously big branches down the bank (they were broken off by the icestorm), then got into an epic tackle/snowball fight with him and winded myself one to many times. I had a coughing fit from hell between laughing until my ribs hurt, and loved every minute of it.

I just took a nice hot shower, enough to peel wallpaper off the wall (if there was any) and now I think I'm going to go and sit on the couch and drink some pumpkin eggnog.

Will check back later...

Day Two:Part Two:

I rested and am feeling much better! We had a family dinner that consisted of ham balls and corn, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and this odd grape salad that my Great Grandmother used to make all of the time. Of course, I just ate ham balls and corn and loved every minute of it.

After dinner there was a small crisis with the bathrooms, but one exploding toilet later and all the water you could need, everything was fixed. I, of course, felt like I had cracked a few ribs laughing. Trust me, you don't really want to know what happened.

Uncle Michael went home, he ended up having to cover for someone at work tomorrow morning and Dad slowly went off the deep end once again. He went to the point where he was bitching at me in front of Granny-Anne. He never does that. I felt embarrassed for him, and for her and for myself because he's just so fucking mean and full of himself.

Mom told me that she wouldn't be taking him home to the mountains next year. I don't really believe she'll follow through with that, but it's something for him to reflect on.

I mean seriously, if you're making my mother miserable enough that she's willing to leave you by yourself at Christmas, you're doing something waaaay wrong, fucker.

Bed time now. Making cookies in the morning.


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