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Sunday, September 6, 2009

15 Minute Challenge.

So Keith and I have been doing this fifteen minute writing challenge where we give each other a setting and a color that we have to incorporate into something that we write. This is the first one I've been able to complete...and it's pretty gross. ^^

Setting:America Color:HoneyDew Green.

"It’s a duck."
"No it’s not, it’s like that thing they stuck up your whatsit when you have to go to the doctor from hell."
"Like I said, it’s a duck." We watched as the white cloud passed over.
"We should do something." I looked over at her and shrugged then sneezed as a particular evil piece of grass stuck itself up my left nostril.
"Bless you."
"Fucking nature." I grumbled and rolled over onto my stomach so that my side bumped up against her arm.
"Don’t blame the grass, it was there first."
"I hope it likes being covered in snot." I looked down at it in disdain and her musical laugher made me smile as I continued to glare at the offending blade. "Let’s see you photosynthesize now bitch."
"You are so not right." She rolled onto her side, facing towards me then looked at the grass her laughter making her shoulders shake. "You just added to the scenery, more green."
"Honey Dew green." I corrected and she laughed again.
"Honey Dew green?"
"Oh yes, that’s right." I nodded.
"Your snot is colored like the melon?" I looked back at her face, pretty hazel eyes starting at me as she struggled to control a giggling fit. "I like honey-dew, those are tasty."
"Well don’t eat that blade of grass. It might look like the melon now, but I don’t think your digestive system could handle it." I patted her head and stood while she howled with laughter once again. I stretched then held out a hand for her. "Let’s go and get a hotdog." Her fingers closed around the back of my hand and I pulled her to her feet, slinging my arm around her shoulders in a friendly way.
"As long as it’s not green." She giggled and my laughter filled up the yard as we walked to the house.

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