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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Society Loves Liars.

Smile, be polite, ask "How are you doing today?" and no matter what type of response they give you, if it involves " are you?" don't say how you're actually doing.

I mean, a customer doesn't want to know that your dog just died, that you have a growth on the back of your left ankle that you really need to get checked, and employees are the same way.

Being polite often times=lie.

Isn't it just easier to lie and cover the truth? Often times it seems easier than to solve problems between people, or for yourself.

How are you doing today?

Well, I felt overly tired this morning even though I went to bed at a decent time, I drove to work and futilely called my boyfriend who, like normal, didn't answer; though he did manage to call me back as I was shoving my phone in my locker, I failed to answer.

Soon after I felt sick, ran two the bathroom twice to empty the contents of my stomach that just so happens were already empty since I woke up fifteen minutes late and there was nothing I could take for breakfast on the road.

I got a break, I ate something that wasn't on my diet and felt a bit better, went back to work, managed to keep it down, went to lunch, ate the same thing and 800 out of 1200 calories later I was back at work where I stayed in returns until it was time for me to leave.

I seriously think it was the longest six hours of my life.

Came home, sat on the couch and fell asleep for a whole ten minutes after being licked to near death by the gremlin that is my dog and then played scrabble for hours with my parents while eating an egg salad sandwich that I fear isn't going to go over well with my currently very sensitive stomach.

These are the times I'm glad that I don't live with roommates/boyfriend.

Met a new guy at work, his name is Michael, he's 27, 6'5, and he likes hitting on me for fun to see what colors my face turns.

His line from today was, when I teased him and told him to stop teasing me, fraternizing wasn't allowed and he got real close and leaned down and whispered "Well darlin', what I want to do with you is a bit beyond fraternizing, it's starts with an 'f' too though." then winked and walked off while I tried to control the color of my face.

Everytime he passes by me, he does something goofy and by the end of the day I found myself start to smile even before he said anything. He's fond of using my head as an arm rest as well. I'm glad I found another person to joke around with at work.

I'm currently stalling on writing things for my book...I think I'm lazy, as a matter of fact, I'm so lazy I don't think I want to sit up and be on the computer tonight which means my talking with Keith'll be limited since he's too chicken to call me at an AM past 12 for fear of his mother bitching or doing something of the sort I suppose.

I'm not becomming bitter at all, am I?

I wore a hat today at work, not sure why but it was nice to not have the light in my eyes all day even if I did look dorky.

Tomorrow I work a stupid mid-shift again, but then I get to be off on Friday, that's exciting anyways. But on Saturday...urgh...I have to get up at six am to open, but at night I'm going to a garden wedding with my mother which should be wicked fun. Hm...what to wear.

Oooh, the hottie Aaron is going to be there I hope!

I think this post is all over the place...

If you like soundtrack/background music, check out the group Two Steps From Hell's songs Freedom Fighter, Equus, and Calamity. They're neat.

Well, I suppose I'll attempt to call Keith one more time before giving up on him for the night then going to lay down in my nice and squishy bed.

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