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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Random Writings...Let's See Where This Takes US; FYI The Formatting is Still Fucked.

"Do you think it makes a fucking difference!?" He roared, tightening his fingers on her upper arms so that he could see the flinch of pain cross her face. He shook her once, hard and watched the color drain from her cheeks as her soft lips parted to let the air in and out of her lungs faster to keep up with her quickly beating heart. "Do you think anything you can do or say will make a goddamn difference?" He threw her hard onto the bed, watched her slender body bounce once then curl up into a protective ball.

Rowan curled her fingers into the silky sheets of the bed, her heart beat pounding in her ears as her lungs burned painfully, on the line of hyperventilating. She flinched as he stepped forward then scrambled up towards the head board as one of the wooden bed posts splintered then cracked in half loudly from the pressure of his squeezing hand. He felt the violence rush through him, felt it heat his blood, felt it move off of him in smooth waves and smelled the reaction she was having from it. He let his head fall back and he breathed in deeply, her scent, the scent of her blood made the animal inside of him snarl and lash against the chains he so desperately contained it with.

"Those dreams," He began, his voice treacherously soft despite the fury swirling in his golden, soulless eyes. "Do you think they are going to save you?" He stepped forward again, until his thighs pressed against the side of the bed and he watched her as she pressed her back against the smooth head board, as far away from him as she could get. "Answer me!" He snapped, and the command echoed through the room, leaving the hair on her arms and on the back of her neck standing on end.

"I..." She choked out, the hysterical fear moving inside of her trying to force itself out through her lips. "I...!" She squeezed her eyes shut as her fingers groped along the bed until they closed around the cord of the single lamp that lit the room from the bedside table and then silence filled her head. She could no longer hear the beating of her heart, the harshness of her breathing, she could see him laughing, but heard no sound from him as a high pitched ringing began to fill her ears.

His laugh was harsh, amused at the fear that tainted her voice, even more so at the fact that she was unable to form a full sentence from it. Her eyes opened then, determined emerald locked onto his cold golden ones and for a moment he was taken aback.

Where was the fear?

"I don't need to be saved!" She snarled at him and jerked the cord, pulling the lamp into her hand and hurled it at him with all of her strength. She watched him raise his arms just in time as the china shattered against the steel of his muscles the light bulb being crushed against the shade with a loud pop as the room went dark. Rowan heard his furious curse, ignored it as her feet hit the wooden floor and she was running to the door as fast as she could. The light from the hallway was her only indication of her direction and when it went out she felt her heart freeze in her chest as she tried to stop.

She ran into him hard, knocking the breath from her lungs and tearing a terrified scream from her throat before a pained one followed after it quickly. He tangled his hand hard into her thick hair, jerked her head back and sunk his fangs into her neck with one harsh bite.

Rowan felt her knees buckle, damned the soild arm around her waist that held her up and as he consumed her, so did the darkness.

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