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Monday, August 17, 2009

At This Very Moment...

I am so very content.

Today I was awakened by the not so soft ring of my phone, when I rolled over to grab it, it was my father informing me that he was getting ready to get into the shower and for me to get up so we can go and eat lunch and see a movie.

We unfortunately had a miscommunication about what time the movie started so we left too early but ended up blowing time by going to Half Price Books, where I spend twenty dollars on four manga (Fruits Baskets 1-3 and Tramps Like Us 2) and two movies (Spriggan and Golden Eye) while he spent his time drooling over the vinyl records and the marked down history books.

He was in a good mood all through lunch (Which we ate at Subway and thanks to my crash course diet I ate Wheat bread...wasn't TOO bad.), and when we saw District 9 (Fucking fantastic movie, by the way) he liked it so much he was practically bouncing as he walked.

We then met up with Mom at this wonderful little restaurant called Cosi and had dinner (I ate once again according to my diet. I'm so proud of myself T_T). Dad wanted to go back to half price books to see if there was a movie he could find that he wanted to watch at work tonight and ended up buying the new King Kong while I browsed once again finding seven more manga (Fruits Baskets 5,6, 14, 15, Demon Diary ((Yay for yaoi!)) 1 &2 and Kaikan Phrase 1) and two journals which I promptly bought for another twenty dollars. I was in heaven, and all of the manga was nearly mint condition.

We then went home where Mom and Dad are taking a nap and where I just finished reorganizing my bookshelf to make room for my 11 new manga.

One of the best parts is, is that for once I don't have buyers remorse for buying all of that manga which is usually ten dollars and change which would have make it over $110 because I bought them all plus two movies and two journals for a little over forty bucks.

I am a great shopper!

I want to go shopping there again!

Half Off Books is my new love, especially when they have decent and decently kept up books.

Now I'm just waiting for the boyfriend to make a grand entrance so we can start our date night!

Hm...I wonder if I can convince him to watch more Hana Yori Dango (Live Action Drama) with me.


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