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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pointless Things, Melt Down, Heartbreak, Irritance, Uselessness, Stress, Idiocy, Anger, Hurt, Life, Dreams...and Everything In Between.

Pointless Things; Writing, Struggling to be things I'm not, fighting for things that won't happen, dreaming about things that won't happen, trying to help when I know I'm not of use, people.

Melt Down; If you're reading this, you're viewing it.

Heartbreak; I can't do anything for her, not a fucking goddamn thing and my heart is breaking for what's happening to her. Why the fuck do things have to turn out this way?

Irritance; At myself, at others, at life, at people, at the world, at idiots.

Uselessness; This post, these feelings, writing, myself, the government, the fucking world.

Stress; Self inflicted...

Idiocy; See above.

Anger; See above.

Hurt; Mostly self inflicted...

Life; Isn't supposed to be this way. I do NOT accept the way things are going, and I'll be fucking damned if I let myself fall into the same pattern as everyone else.

Dreams; Are getting me no where. Being what I want to be won't happen because dreams are childish and stupid.

Everything in Between; Isn't everything above enough?

I'm sorry I can't help, it's eating me alive from the inside out and I feel so heartsick for you.

I'm sorry I'm so fucking crazy, I tried to give you an out, you would have been smarter to take it.

I hate this.

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