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Monday, June 22, 2009

Get off me!

That seems to be the phrase I keep repeating ever since I moved boxes from a basement that were literally covered in dead bugs. All I can say is, is at least the nasty fuckers were all dead. Alas, that didn't stop a scream of horror from ripping itself from my mouth in the form of "Jesus Christ get off of me!" when one entered my bug free personal bubble. Why yes, yes I did realize I was screaming at a carcass of a dead creature smacking against my arm via trailing spider web, and that even if it were an alive creature it wouldn't understand what I was saying.

The offending carcass of course just swung away as I sat the box down then swung back towards me in what one could call an exemplary show of defiance as I jumped back a few feet in disgust. It might be dead, but it's existance still managed to offend me even when it was incapable of crawling.

The bug crisis continued on through the moving day, and continues on until today where while standing outside of my house door waiting to be let in (Mom took my key to use it and of course forgot to give it back) a rather horrifyingly large misquito (Dear god...all of the creatures here seem abnormally large) landed on my arm, was there long enough for me to gather my wits and attempt to smack it and it of course just buzzed away. I swear, it couldn't have been on there for more than two seconds and I have a bug bite the size of a quarter.

...I am afraid to see what one can do when it actually gets its fill of my O positive goodness...

Onward to other things, my attempt to stay away from the internet has been nothing but a failure. I'm afraid it's impossible to break decade old habits.

Other failures would be keeping up with writing my book on the days I am supposed to be writing on, but have no fear, I will be playing a mass game of catch up staring tonight and moving into tomorrow and the next day since I am off.

Speaking of work, I have had two wonderful days of closing and have been bonding with my boss. She is six days older than me, skinny as a rail, and very beautiful. I call her Malibu Barbie.

She wants to go out on July 2nd to celebrate her birthday and wants me to go out as well, so we can have a celebration together. I thought that was cool coming from my boss.

More on that later.

I went to Walmart with a buddy after work and ended up picking up a Coke, Cheese Cake and Cherry sucker things to keep me awake for the work of writing ahead, I hope it works. Since I slept so late today I'm sure I'll be able to be awake tonight, if SOMEONE can manage not to distract me for the third night in a row.

We'll see...

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could distract you...I mean inspire you with porn.
    If I come through Kentucky if I go to Minnesota, it'll be like circa August 10th. Matthew's birthday is the 17th and I want to try to be back for that. FYI...