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Sunday, February 6, 2011

4th Times the Charm...

So here we are, in SC and I'm waiting...

And waiting...

And waaaaiting... go home.

We're actually leaving today.

See? Short, pointless, overnight trip.

I'm actually waiting for him to finish cleaning the floors for his father downstairs so we can stop by the beach to look at the pretty water then head on home.

We were considering going to a friends to watch the superbowl, but I don't think we'll end up doing that, too much stuff to do at home.

So...last night...

Well, to preface this, I have had sex. Yes, me, I have. Three times, not including last night.


Last night is the only night I think I'm going to count. The first three were awkward/painful/emotionally stressing/awkward tries to doing "it". But last night...

...last night...

The angels didn't sing, the clouds didn't part, but in it's own way, in the way it matters to was perfect. I was comfortable, with myself, with my body, with him and this morning I was amazed to find that when I look at him, I feel so much more of an emotional bond that I didn't think was possible.

I am now a fan of "it".

I know, that whole thing was probably TMI, but it was something I needed to write anyways, because, you know...this is my blog and all and this is what this is for. I think...

I can't wait to go home and clean my house (what an odd thing for me to say), but I really want to clean! So, I'll jump off of here, finish packing and making the bed and hopefully by the time I'm done with that we can get the hell out of here.

More to come later.

Lol...pervy joke.

That was so wrong.

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