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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Okay, so I didn't post anything for today because I got caught up watching the unrated verson of Mr. and Mrs. Smith which was totally sexy and awesome. I love that movie.

First time I saw it was when Jared knew that I wanted to see it so he bought it for us to watch on one of our Monday date nights. Was totally awesome and thoughtful of the Kou-chan! (erm...yesterday) I woke up at three, not kidding. Got a shower went downstairs and ate granola and yogurt for brekkie, which was way nummy then did practically nothing except for talk to Kou-chan, went to a few stores with Mum and watch the movie with the parents. Not really a relaxing day, because I've been overly irritated with Mom since she doesn't know when it's time to stop working something...ah, but she works hard and I know it's a busy time for her and all.

Oh! Happy February 1st! Man, lots of birthdays in this month...O_o, almost as bad as March. Hm...V-Day is this month and I'm not dreading it! Whoohoo for personal acceptance and being okay and happy for other couple!

I think I'm going to buy flowers...I really like flowers.

Really like flowers actually...huh, I'm so girly.

I just noticed today how girly my voice really is, and it made me shutter. Boo for high pitched girly voices like mine!

Okay, rambling now...onto writing for real!

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