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Monday, February 2, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, Cooking, Groundhogs.

So, today I woke up to the sound of my father getting laid off over the phone. I got up, got dressed and within an hour got a second interview at Lowes for a cashier position...

Wish me luck, I so need it right now.

Anyway, saw The Village with Dad and I liked it alot! It was a really good movie. I also jumped online and found Dad two numbers to call for job positions, because we'll be in trouble unless he gets a new one really soon.

I made orange cake today, with cream cheese frosting and white vanilla chips. Took some pictures, might get them online in a year or so.

Then I made dindin, was fun and everyone liked it.

Woody the groundhog reported six more weeks of winter. I helped raise that cute little bugger, and he really was Dad's pet. ^^ Proud parents.

Nothing else to report...don't think, can't think, brain isn't working...

Oh well..,

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