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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sick, Sitting and Sniffling.

So I watched a really good movie by accident.

It was an accident because I meant to download the first movie, but ended up with the second. Torrents are killing me, and killing my hard drive space.

What's the movie? Oh yeah, it's called Appleseed Ex Machina, but what I wanted was the first Appleseed movie but it was so good anyway. Think I said this. Sorry.

Listening to music now. Finally decided to check out 30 Seconds to Mars, so now I'm listening to one of their CDs (also torrent-ed, but totally just to see if I want to buy one of their CDs) Some stuff is good, but I'm not really impressed over all. Then again, I'm really picky about my guy's voices. Hm...

I'm sitting here sweating buckets. And I can be in 100 degree weather and barely sweat at all. I can feel it running down my back and I have the air blowing on me at 67 degrees and still it's like...urgh. I'm tired, well my body and eyes are but my mind is reeling. If I were breaking my fever wouldn't it have stopped by now? I mean really, this has been going on for an hour now and if I shed anymore clothes I'll be naked. Which normally I wouldn't mind if I'm like, sleeping or something but I'm not. I'm sitting up in bed on my laptop.

I feel gross, I want to take a shower. Maybe I will as soon as I stop this sweating thing. I really think I will.

I want to write. I have ideas in my head but I can't form them into pictures/movies/sounds or however it is I think when I write. Weird isn't it? I want to work on things, and I have ideas for things but nothing is coming out of my head. Feels like there's a fuzzy wall. I blame...something, not sure what. Lowe's I guess, for my lack of brain power. Oh well.

Moving on...

Suddenly I'm very sleepy, should I try and sleep? I think I might. Though I'm in one of those moods where when I think about sleeping I start to get anxiety.

Shit, now I feel sick to my stomach...

Going to go and yak now.

Have fun myself.

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